Dear Friends and Brethren,

We are half way through 2018.  As I write this letter to you we have just rejoiced in the celebration of Israel’s 70th anniversary as a nation and the US moving its embassy to Jerusalem.  What an exciting time to be living in.  With the excitement comes awareness of the dangers as we see Iran and Hamas ramping up attacks on Israel. So we watch with anticipation and we report what’s happening. Even so, we know that the Lord has called us to faithfully continue to go into the whole world and tell them about Yeshua and the Torah. 

As we just concluded the counting of the Omer, we celebrated with our Shavuot Conference weekend.  The Holy Spirit was there with us all weekend and we had an amazing experience with the Lord.  Our youth camp is now just over a month away and we have campers coming from all over the country and beyond our borders to minister to.  In fact, at both of these events we have seen an encouraging increase of children and teens coming, worshipping, and studying!

The summer months for ministries are normally some of the toughest financial months. Your donation will help us to continue to do the work we have begun. Please prayerfully consider making a commitment to make monthly donations (large or small) so you have an on-going investment in the service to many brethren.

 If you share a gift now of $50 or more, I would like to immediately return the blessing with a special teaching package that includes Torah is For All People (2 Audio Discs) and a brand new teaching called Basics of the Law (1 Video Disc). These teachings by Monte Judah help walk believers, whether new to the Messianic faith, or not, through what the Scripture says about keeping the Torah and why it matters for us as believers today. Maybe you have family members who tell you the Law was done away with, or friends who tell you that keeping the commandments is only for the Jews.  These teachings address those very topics in simple and easy to understand insights.   

To get your copy of these teachings, you can visit online at or mail in a check or money order using the enclosed form. This offer will expire July 31, 2018.

Thank you for helping us with your prayers, support, and partnership with Lion and Lamb Ministries.  Together we can continue to help people come out of the religions of this world and into a better understanding of the joy of Messiah and the Torah.

 Shalom in Messiah Yeshua,

 Founder of Lion and Lamb Ministries

Founder of Lion and Lamb Ministries