Shalom Brethren,

I want to share with you what we believe the Lord is asking for us to do this year: more teachings, more broadcasts (both from the studio and from our live events). He has brought several young teachers to this area to allow me to mentor them. The only thing missing is the upgraded equipment needed to be able to increase the quality—both audio and video—for more broadcasts. We have spent about a year testing different equipment and seeking professional counsel, and we have identified that the equipment needed to help launch us into this new and exciting phase will cost us roughly $40,000. This is to upgrade our camera equipment, switchers, lighting, set design, and audio. Every area needs newer and better technology.

In 2008, we built our B’nai Shalom studios. Over the last 10 years we have made improvements as technology has advanced, created new sets, and have done our best to create and distribute teachings to brethren around the world.

With the growth of the ministry in the last couple of years, we decided to venture into the arena of streaming portions of our Shavuot, Tabernacles, and Hanukkah gatherings. There were brethren from all over the world who joined us remotely for the Festivals!

Starting in April we would like to start broadcasting every other Wednesday a bible study like teaching from our various teachers in the community. We are in the process of launching a new young adult and teen program separate from our Q&A and Erev Shabbat broadcasts. Our goal is to be broadcasting Messianic teachings throughout the week at professional television quality straight to you. We have already developed the Roku app, our mobile app, and an optimized website, but we are also in the process of finalizing our Apple TV app as well. Soon you will be able to watch your favorite Messianic teachers and their teachings more conveniently.

But, we need your help to accomplish this. Currently we average 20,000 people who watch our broadcast every Friday evening. Yet only a very small percentage who watch donate towards the equipment, man power, and overhead needed to keep that broadcast going. Perhaps the others don’t recognize that many small donations add up. FREE means we don’t charge a subscription price. We have watched the Lord do many awe-inspiring things over the last 22 years, and we believe He is doing one right now! Would you prayerfully consider giving a special donation towards our Studio Upgrade Fundraiser? This will help us improve the way we record, how we stream, and who is able to watch! We had people in 12 different countries stream our Feast of Tabernacles last year. We want to make it accessible to every country with more nights!

Remember Yeshua took two fish and five loaves and fed 5,000. We believe He will work through you to help us reach more people about the overwhelming joy we have found in Yeshua and through the Torah. The world is dying a quick spiritual death, but we will not relent until the Lord comes back for His people. The goal needed is $40,000 by April 31st for us to be able to complete the necessary upgrades in order for us to be ready for Shavuot’s broadcast.

I know you already have the heart to help, and for that I thank you for whatever you are able to do financially to help us reach this goal in time.

Shalom in Messiah Yeshua,

 Founder of Lion and Lamb Ministries

Founder of Lion and Lamb Ministries