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Fundraiser One Time Donation

Dear Friends and Brethren of Lion and Lamb Ministries,

One of this ministry's goals since its inception is to encourage the brethren in keeping the Biblical Festivals. To do this, we host several events throughout the year with our largest being the Feast of Tabernacles. To do these events, we have to rent a great deal of equipment that we do not own. Unfortunately the price of everything always goes up. Just this last year, many of our vendors have raised their fees to new levels and we find ourselves questioning our ability to sustain many of our amenities for this year's events. The prices have been raised so much that we must come up with a new way of accomplishing the work. This is what is it comes down to: We must find a way to own our equipment instead of renting and leasing it each year at ever-increasing prices. This is particularly true for our Feast of Tabernacles event. We rent and lease lighting and sound equipment, staging, tents, mobile buildings, tables and chairs, while offering highly discounted services for meals, security, medical, and waste removal. However, if we could purchase and own some of these items, we can break even in the next few years and control future costs. Simply put, we need to raise the funds to make these investments ahead of time before escalating rental costs make us unable to provide for the events.

That is the reason for this special letter. Would you consider helping us to raise the necessary capital to purchase critical pieces of equipment to help us to maintain the ministry events? The amount needed is large ($100,000 plus) and I’m not expecting to raise it all at once. Therefore, I asking if you would join us this year and pledging to this need before the end of 2019.

Your pledge can be fulfilled by a series of donations over the next several months, but we need to know now what you can pledge. For example, let’s say you pledge $1200 dollars this year and then make six payments of $200 dollars. Your pledge will allow us now to make the commitment necessary for this year’s activities.

I do not want to see any expectation we have raised with brethren diminish. Help us to keep this work progressing as one of the most respected and steadfast independent messianic ministries in the world.

On behalf of myself and the rest of our family here at Lion & Lamb, thank you for your continued prayer and financial support. As you will note, I’m not offering a free program or incentive for your help. Just do what the Lord leads your heart to do. His grace is sufficient for us.

To make a donation, complete the form and mail it back in the enclosed envelope, or call the ministry directly at 405-447-4429 (option 3), or make a donation online at


Monte W. Judah
Director, Lion and Lamb Ministries


Sound / Lighting Systems

One of the primary purchases we need to make a quality sound system, lighting system, and trussing to support both. This system will not only support the Feast of Tabernacles but also our Shavuot and Hanukkah Conferences. We are not trying to put on a rock concert here, but we do need sufficient speakers for indoor and outdoor venues and LED lights to make an atmosphere worthy of worshiping the Lord without blowing a fuse. Everything in these systems will be expandable so we can add to them in the future without making the first pieces we buy obsolete. To be good stewards of the Lord's resources, we have met with professionals to gain counsel how to best proceed.        


Shower Trailer

What we would pay to rent our shower trailer for the Feast of Tabernacles for the next three years is the same amount to purchase one! We believe the time is now to step out in faith to purchase a shower trailer like the one pictured, but we can’t do that without the investment upfront. If we are able to acquire this asset, we will also explore opportunities to use the shower trailer at other times of the year. One such possibility is to help the homeless in our area. We will work to ensure the resources of the Lord will be put to good use.